Wednesday, January 26

Interpretations From January 21

I'm thinking for Dustee's contribution, you should click to enlarge.  You cannot fully understand what is going on until you see the text in the center.
I was kind of cajoling her to submit something using MSPaint, instead of just responding with text (we have an agreement) but to be fair, her text responses were already pretty scary. 
So if you encounter her, just laugh nervously and say, "Hey, I like that the monster has those plugs in it's ears."  
Maybe then, she won't hurt you.


From SnickleSox: "OK, so I saw Rayman in your last inkblot. Only he had hands that were on the wrong side, tiny feet, and a magic hula dress made from straw!"
And then there was something about his mouse, although I wasn't sure he was talking about an interface device.
If you've been to his blog you'll know he has more than a passing familiarity with games, and aside from the hula dress, we can probably excuse his "vision" this time.
I might as well take this time to harass him about #4 in the BlogWav there.  Harass. Harass.

Look in to the sky!
Obey Allen's Dragon!  It's no "Kitten Riding A T-Rex That Is Wearing An Admiral's Hat Riding A Tricycle" but I guess I will let it slide this time.  At least he didn't feel compelled to draw genitalia (like some of our other volunteers.)

"Hitler's Last Speech"
Animated!  Egads!  Truly this is art.  The colors, the emotion,  the message, the...wait, what exactly are those lips (on the mouth, perv!) saying?  I wonder if Suciô Sanchez is trying to tell someone something?  Bah.
Hands down though, strangest interpretation ever.  I hope this wasn't something he just had sitting around somewhere.   I have to stop now, because I need to get that image off my screen before it is burned in to my retina.

More inkblots again starting tomorrow!  If it any time you feel like sending anything, feel free:


  1. I'm sort of in love with Sucios interpretation. haha.

  2. The first one looks like a dismembered deer, weird huh

  3. I cannot unsee these... I've mentioned you to my Pysch professor, he might actually show some of what you've posted here in class one day.

  4. Some of these are disturbing lol

  5. Quite disturbing haha

  6. I see that guy from watchmen. 0.o

  7. is that a target on the Anus? I hope it is, that would be the icing on the cake.

  8. the first one looks like the kool aid guy

  9. Some weird shit there but interesting swell.


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