Friday, January 21

Inkblot Of The Day (Finally)

I have bad feelings about this one...
draw what you see on it
and mail it to

So, the Omegle thing is kind of freaky.  One could spend an hour trying to get someone to play a game, and in fact spend one whole hour shifting from one dedicated masturbator to another.  In between all that nonsense there are kids that are WAY TOO YOUNG to be operating their computers/webcams and shit without parental supervision along with the whole language barrier thing...

Fuck all this reading/writing shit...people want to see interpretations from the past or

Inkblots Submission I Got When I Was 
Desperately Trying To Solicit Interpretations 

Despite all that time that has passed, the inkblot pickin's were few and far between.  My organisational skills are not what they used to be, so don't expect an in-depth chronology:

You are robbing yourself if you don't Click To Enlarge

I haven't seen the likes of this since General Failure was in town.  Please note that GenFail is no longer, as he is in the state pen for illegal narcotics trafficking.  After you are done rubbing your eyes, take note!: This is Ben (no, not this one or this one) who for some reason does not operate a blog.  I suspect he is some online drifter who decided to stop hiding the bodies and start...seeing Elvis.  Hopefully he will not be put off by my mailing him with multiple email addresses, and return to us with more interpretations.

Gah!  Scary.  This is from NooG and it is one of the more unique placements of an inkblot.  I've only seen it once before (see below) and I was never quite certain if the people coming up with it are more or less crazy than the rest of you bastards.  Anyway, pretty damn cool.

Deja Vu

I don't think I put this up yet?!?  That's what happens when you follow someone else's blog too closely.  I have been following Suciô Sanchez's tutorials now and I am almost ready to replace him in the world of blogs.  Hopefully he won't read this and notice.  Hopefully he won't use the Claws of Hammurabi.


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  2. Holy balls, now that is some exceptional spam! It's like he set up a blog in my blog.

  3. i saw somebody holding up giant hands like the ones you get at sports games.

  4. The first one looks like a back to back James Bond.

  5. Yessir I have been busy :) Love the snake interpretation. I think the current blot looks like the DISCO DEVIL!

  6. I really like the first image! Great idea for a blog :) following!

  7. I wonder how many followers Kraxpelax gets from his life story? I've seen it around a lot lately.

    I'll take another look at the blot when I've finished the current bottle of red.

  8. I can not wait until your next video!

  9. Saw your designs on Art/Oekaki. I really, really enjoy your inkblot designs -- We actually featured (and gave you credits, of course!) some of your original pieces over at

  10. this looks interesting, I'll keep track of this.

  11. Love your blog dude, following and supporting check mine out

  12. I see Satan holding two fingers up to the sky mocking the heavens above, enticing you (us) to join him.

    twisted huh?!

  13. elvis, or jay leno. yeah, definitely. i have a hard time telling those two guys apart anyway ;) hehehe. please continue soliciting things from sir crazy.

  14. Lol @ 'balding dog lick'. I just don't see it =P

    Oh, and in the first picture, I see a girl in a dress doing the rock hands.

  15. Fantastic spam on the top here. :p At least the guy does shit properly when he does it.
    Also, this time I see a dragon pointing skywards. I'll supplement a picture if I find the time. About time I started doing that anyway.

  16. Wow man, that's deep. On the first one I see a spider =)

    Following your blog!

  17. I don't want to type what I saw... But it has something to do with two chicks and guns

  18. I see the big bang shooting out limousines, botflies, giant hands and the obligatory human skulls.

  19. I see messed up stuff sometimes in ink blots... that's probably unhealthy right?

  20. Wow, quite a first comment by Kraxpelax. Way to set the tone!

    Because of the snake interpretation I can only see a snake in the blot with human hands, pointing them up into the air kind of like guns. You can clearly see the index fingers pointing up.


What do you see?