Friday, January 14

Thank You, Mr. Green Shirt!

This guy made my evening because:

1)  He broke me/bested me at my own game (not shown.)
2)  He's a good sport.
3)  His facial expressions are priceless.

So thank you, Mr. Green Shirt, and if somehow you end up seeing this, know that I wish I didn't end things so abruptly.

(Keep your hand on the volume.)

So I need some ideas for this Omegle business; if you have any thoughts on how to further mess with people, I am all ears.
Also, my apologies to any folk from Facebook that are going to get this notification twice.  (I really need some ideas!)


  1. I love this video, you're hilarious.

    I laughed so hard when you administered the punishment.

  2. He was a good sport.

    Maybe aim for a cam-whore?
    (Careful you don't get an FBI agent pretending to be a 13 year-old girl.)

  3. you're great! i'd like to see more vids off you.

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  5. i thoroughly enjoyed this, and it's apparent that your green-shirted friend did as well. he was laughing his ass off! i bet you gave him a good conversation topic for the next couple days.

    I'd like to see more of this kind of thing, although i have no suggestions regarding technique.. i think you've got it covered!

  6. I lol'd. You have the knack, but it's sad to see your talent wasted on such naughty pictures!

  7. can't say i do have any thoughts on it lol sorry...

    anyways, here's my blog if anyone's interested; just random posts about things i find interesting: (:feedback is appreciated:)

  8. haha i love this :D :D
    i wish i meet you on omegle :D

  9. Ahhh whats that noise?
    This is why I love omegle!

  10. Haha man this is funny shit. I don't know how he didn't see Jesus right away.

  11. I couldn't see any frogs at all. Surely it was a tow-truck arriving at an accident?

  12. Ahaha oh Rorschach I do love you. <3 Can't wait to have you on the show soon!

  13. That's the best use of Omegle I've seen so far :)

  14. hahaha, man that really made me laugh out loud. My girlfriend paused her tv show to come in here to see what was going on. Green shirt guy was awesome. I love this new Omegle Rorschach business!

    Oh and you also need to learn how thumbs up works!

  15. That was hilarious!


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