Friday, January 14

Sus Scrofa Domestica Urination

I realize that in dealing with other people's interpretations of things, there might be some odd phrases or terms that come out.  But "piss pig?"
Why the hell did that even lead here?  I'm not exactly up on tagging things properly, but I am pretty sure I would remember "piss pig."

I'm not sure what to think here.

As long as I am at it:

Damn you, Onion!
Anyway, let me know if you've had any odd search/keywords show up (if you run a blog.)


  1. Piss pig is going to be my new term of affection.

  2. I've lost track; can you be an ex-ped? I think it's fashionable to say that alcoholism, fondness for fudge, and puppies are for life - not just for Christmas.

    Maybe "recovering-ped" is more PC: we wouldn't want to be assigning any blame.

    My best search is "Angela Merkel naked" from google pakistan. (I'm also getting daily hits on "asian women in boots" and "mormonboyz".)

  3. I've seen some not related stuff before but nothing going as far as this! Haha

  4. piss pig could make for a great insult. i shall test it out on my enemies.

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  6. The only odd search in mine is "facknice."

  7. Only wierd thing that's shown up on mine is "controversy of tom anderson" which isn't that wierd. Except that I don't know who Tom Anderson is...


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