Thursday, January 13

You Are Forgiven

NSFW Audio?  There are so many things wrong here.  But I think I found out a new way to entertain myself.

Edit:  I have been spending my other bits of "computer time" learning how to manipulate my draw pad and taking GIMP tutorials over at Sucio Sanchez's place, starting from here.

I apologize for the delay in YOUR pareidolia.


  1. I gots to get me a proper screenrecorder for Win7.
    I also should not call people "Private Pile" and "Violent Masturbator" if I want them to participate.

  2. haha, I saw Jesus also. Of course I see him everywhere...he was in my cereal this morning too.

  3. I saw Doré's Dante. Close enough.
    And thank you for the link.

  4. Another awesome post! Good luck learning all the tricks with the draw pad.

  5. Hey i have a question... how are ink blots made? and where do you find all yours?

  6. omeagle...visited it once. kinda weird.

  7. @Aaron:

  8. Wow you actually found someone on Omegle that wasn't jacking off?!

    and haha man I love you Ror! You crack me up!

    RE the inkblot, I saw jesus like most people.

    and haha yeah man CODCAST :D but no insulting Rats >:[

    Although it usually happens ;_;


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