Saturday, January 29

Headphones Needed

You are going to want to have a hand on the volume.  The lag made her all Benny Hill-like at times, so I left that part in for my pleasure.

Also, check out my fancy multi-colored sign!


  1. funny. Rorschach test over webcam. There's future in psychological research. Follow you.

  2. These are amazing... she just walked off.

  3. On that fourth one I saw bird flying over a bridge into a cave... Was I right?

    Also, you sir are amazing!

  4. That was a pretty sweet sign.

  5. Quite an amazing sign ya got there

  6. hahaha. when you pointed to the clown penis it made me lol

    "......then what's this???"

    Did she end up leaving at that last one? Did she have enough of your abuse?

  7. Hahaha, that's such a nice idea.
    Btw, on that blank one I would have said it was a cow eating grass. But why there's no grass and no cow you ask? That's because cow ate all the grass and went away :D


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