Saturday, January 8

Episode Ten (Part 2 of 3)

Just curious to what other people saw in this blot, if you can ignore Buxton's weird emaciated woman with fallopian highlights.  

This blog's only real existence is in other people's interpretations.  Know that you are causing joy to a handful of people (this site has a few voyeurs, if you will...) on the occasional Tuesday night. 

If you can make it in two minutes, you will see the unique, yet perverted angle that some people can get out of their imaginations.

Thanks to Dalek/Josh, Buxton and Bav, and to the fine men and women that anonymously submit their interpretations without ever having any clue what becomes of them.


  1. I always see monsters. I guess Im just a Monster!

  2. Dear god, I think I just spent too many hours studying my phisiology because all I see is a pelvic x-ray :

  3. it kidna reminds me of the dodge logo... just me though lol

    oh and here's my blog if anyone's interested :3 it's just my random views on day-to-day life

  4. Haha thats crazy, i saw... a blog ;D

    Maybe im on this too much? ;)

  5. Hm it's better than the original

  6. i see a serpent/snake... i'll see if i can overlay an image


What do you see?