Friday, January 7

The Ominousness Of It All

And I thought *my* interpretations were odd.

I went to see the psychologist (henceforth referred to only as "The Doctor") yesterday for non-psychological things.  I realize pretty much no one will believe that.  Oh well.  Towards the end of our business I brought up the inkblots again, and he most likely will never be a "feature" of this blog, but he will remain a source of occasional tidbits.

I showed him three interpretations and asked him to pretend he was an average Joe with no Ph.D and to select which person he would least like to encounter in a dark alley, based only of the inkblot interpretation, with no knowledge of the people involved.  He selected the one above, saying "...this has a certain level of ominousness about it."

Turns out it was Buxton's!
Haha, freak!
She beat out General Failure, followed by Anonymous:
Click to...ah, forget about it.

I'm going to go ahead and say this image is why The Doctor doesn't want to be any part of what we are doing.

The first two are from Episode One, and the bottom one is from Episode Seven.  What?  You didn't know there were little videos?   Shame on you.

Please make sure to congratulate Buxton and let her know what you think of her interpretation and her selection as our Most Ominousness Volunteer Of The Year! 

I'm still holding out; hoping for some inkblot interpretations from yesterday and Wednesday.  So help a brother out and send your drawings to
I appreciate the submissions I have received so far.


  1. Haha this looks like a title I'd be proud to carry! :P

  2. the first pic looks like an alien monster

  3. Oh my..i might need to see the good doctor..i always see weird stuff in

    (thank you for reading my post)

  4. Haha, took me a sec. but I seen what the doc did. Great stuff. lol

  5. Haha amazing, took me a while ;D


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