Thursday, September 22

Inkblot Haiku

I usually don't like to post other people's inkblots (since they are so easy to produce there should be no reason to not have them,) but I make exceptions when things are like, educational, man.

Justinus Kerner was a doctor popular in both medicine and poetry.  He wrote a book of poems called Kleksographien well before our man Hermann Rorschach was on the scene, and apparently those poems were inspired by accidental inkblots.

I'm no poet (and I realize it) but upon going through one of Germany's digital archives of Kerner's work I was moved to write a little haiku for the image above.

No! An alien!
Harvesting human organs!
Quick! Run for your life!

If you have the time, perhaps leave your interpretation for this blot in some form of poetry or prose.


  1. There once was a bull headed human
    Whose large ears seemed to be fuming
    He put on a dress
    To later confess
    His ear pubes just needed grooming

  2. that looks like something that would be a cross between my nightmares and Pans Labyrinth...

  3. Whenever people think of aliens they think of them as a threat to our race. What the-

  4. bat MAN
    I am the fucking bat MAN
    oh, my hero bat MAN.

    somehow the picture shouts batman at me.

  5. I am not sure why
    This inkblot scares me silly
    Thanks for the nightmares


What do you see?