Tuesday, September 20

I'm Very Mature For My Age

I know these vids aren't exactly getting me back in to the swing of things, so I apologize.  In an effort to keep them short, like some of the very penises out there on the random chats, I have butchered them up.  Hmm, possibly not the best phrases to mix and match there.

All hail The Nordic Joker.  He did NOT ask me why I was so serious.  Seriously.

Ah, Sundays.

This guy started playing his own little game when he couldn't hear me (and I didn't figure it out very quickly) and it got a little weird. We actually made it through the whole test; I just wanted to highlight the whole Pearl Jam thing. (Plus, just mentioning that might intrigue you enough to watch it.)


  1. DAMMIT. Why can't I travel backwards? I wanna be Pearl Jam years old! That's SO BADASS UGH. I didn't even know who they WERE back then. This is beyond unfair.

  2. Going on Omegle and doing these things is a pretty good social experiment!

  3. Haha love it, that Pearl Jam guy is awesome.

  4. I'm pissed that I missed the Pearl Jam concert here in Chicago a couple weeks ago. Epic fail on my part. But at least I don't wear a Lucius Malfoy wig...


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