Thursday, February 24


A lot of people online found Yakoi's interpretation somewhat deranged.  I asked two people in person, and one said (despite being told what it really was) that it was "cute."  My response of course was:  Really?  REALLY?

Still, it's the new "top score."  3.7 (Rounding off)

So, a big thanks to her for letting us Redeem her and add her to the list of people that are "most likely to hear strange voices" before their killing spree.

Want to be Redeemed?  Pick an inkblot, draw on it, send it in to

Get in on the hot tabletop action!  That is, if you haven't emailed some random guy (me) your address, then you will not be in the raffle to win an awesome calendar-like flip-book with some really cool interpretations in it.
It's a conversation starter AND it just might save your table from nasty cup-shaped rings.

How To Enter:
Send your address to  That's it.  Doesn't matter where.  All information is confidential.
Five have entered so far...

Contest Details:
Winner will be selected randomly (via the ol' names-in-a-hat method.)
One address per...uh, address.
Contest ends Tuesday, March 1st at 11:59 pm.


Episode Ten (Part 3 of 3)

Perhaps I let too much time go by between these.  I seem to be getting worse at the various things like recording, finding said recordings, score-keeping, staying on track, editing, screen-size ratio, etc...
If you are new and haven't seen any of these before, then, well...just have a look at some of the nice transitions!

Make sure you view the interpretations in all their full-size glory:

"Bonus" blot (Ok, it was just an old one from this blog)

Thanks, Nadia.  I wish I still had the text for this.

Inkblot interpretations for gay rights?  Why not.


  1. I'll try to send you a drawing of what I see in an inkblot when I get the chance.

  2. It took a caption telling me to view the video full size to actually think about doing it. I did. I wish I would've thought of that earlier. Oh well, I'm sure you like knowing I was suffering all this time up until now watching your videos.

    That one by Nadia, looks like there are two gray penises on either side.

  3. I'm going to give it a try....but i'm not that artistic

  4. If I had more artistic talent I'd probably do it.

  5. Lol at the gay rights sign....I didn't see that part when I looked at the ink blot but I can definitely see how somebody could get that view of a ball stadium from that blot.

    and sweet contest! I'm entering it.

  6. Wow man these are actually really good. I probably won't enter that, I am not random enough to make it look good.

  7. WOah, I remember making these in pre-school and kindergarten.. lol
    but to see them done this well is quite amazing Cheers man

  8. some of those are super advanced art work....semi jealous.

  9. Hi- now that I am retiring my blog for a bit, I will have time to FINALLY give this a try.. Ok, wish me luck, and she's off to the land of inkblots!!

    (thank you for your great comments on my poems. always appreciate them:-)

  10. I only noticed the moustache on the dog when they started talking about it.. xD

  11. Nadias is awesome! Damn you people and your creativity :D

  12. I look forward to this every post you make.


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