Friday, September 24

Inkblot Of The Day

I think I've found my groove for how I want to blog these.  On the weekends will be the 'competitions' from individuals willing to play.  Over the work week, I will try to upload the blots I have been making.  It's really quite soothing.  So we'll see the end of Episode Three tomorrow or Sunday.
I'm always on the lookout (and terribly grateful) to all the people that take the time to draw something.  Thank you.  Past and Future.

In the meantime, why don't you leave a comment and tell us what you see?


  1. I see 2 people going to war. The one on the left is a cougar with a man on him. The one on the right is a miniature elephant with many decorations and spikes coming off of it.

  2. Not sure what this says about me but my initial reaction was a masquerade mask.

    The more I look at it I see two dragons facing each other. Wings back, tails curled forward, angled slightly backwards.

  3. its amazing how little ink blots can become art like that


What do you see?