Thursday, May 26

Inkblot Of The Day (Thursday)

I have a bad feeling about this one.

I am having a really bad case of the 'pareidolias' lately.  Past few days have been...distracting.  Must find order in chaos.  Cracks in the street?  Oh look, it's a dinosaur.  Friend gets a new couch?  LOOK AT ALL THOSE PATTERNS!
Hell, I need to get a plain solid color shower curtain because the fancy designs all end up looking like faces to me, which is SLIGHTLY uncomfortable while bathing.

Original Blot

Here is an interpretation from our Anonymous friend, who really needs to have some sort of name for the purposes of this blog, not to mention he has volunteered to be a contestant for Open To Interpretation 2.

If there was text associated with this in the email, I am sorry Anonymous person.  I don't know where it is.  An alien nurse ripping out the eyeballs of a very dapper Humpty Dumpty?

I was going to save his next image for another Sensory Overload, but what the hell, I can put it here AND there too.  It's from Monday's inkblot.

The little alien birds are making a new body
for the happy one in the back.

So Anonymous Artist, what shall we call you?  Anyone have any suggestions?  I don't think he will be losing his anonymity simply because he has a name here, will he?  My vote is to just call him "4.4"

Unrelated noteRUNEWAKE2!  YOU WILL BE REDEEMED!  There is one person in front of you, but I have both of your highly disturbing interpretations and you have 37 minutes to pull out of the whole ordeal before your personalities begin to merge in one horrendous psychological explosion.  Hope you are having a good day.


  1. An angry hen being mounted by a rooster.

  2. Hooooooooo boy.
    *grabs Sharpies*
    Here goes nothin'

  3. Pareidolia can get fun, everything is a pattern, bwhahaha.

    Today's blot honestly looks like someone who lost their arms and legs laying in a pool of their own blood.

  4. 4.4's interpretation is pretty... Silent Hill. Just saying.

  5. I see a mutant android. As in the cell mascot.

    4.4 is a decent name.

  6. I see a half Jewish/half Native American guy crying tears of blood.

  7. I see an Imp with a mask on.

  8. some kind* of bug. but then, it looks like bugs king xD

  9. How much of this blog is related to the watchmen?

  10. something like a fat batwoman and two red sex slaves with erected members.

  11. Does anyone else see a fetish doll? I'll draw it up later but let me describe it.

    You have it's nipples pierced with chains that go down and around it's ass. It's wearing a collar and it's face has been transformed into breasts.

    The rest of the red splats are lashes from the whip. His blood mixed with the whips tendrils.

    I also see other things that should never be mentioned and always drawn.

  12. Also, 42 Minutes. I call for a creation paradox and the meaning of lif!

  13. Bees nests, a couple of sacrificed lambs, hot chicken wings, and an electric guitar


What do you see?