Monday, May 23

Rating Inkblots With Science

Red ink, not blood.

Let's finalize some Redemptions.  D4 wedges himself in the middle of the crowd with his 3.1:

Beyond twisted, eh?  (I averaged out BT's multiple scores, in case you were wondering.)

And our Anonmyous friend who answered a few questions for us AND admitted to doing quite a few interpretations is now part of the "4 And Over Club."  Maybe you can keep Colin B comfy in your crazy little tower:

We are quite scientific in our approach here.

Perhaps one day runewake2 will allow us to Redeem him.  For now, let's just look at the updated graph showing the current 'scores':

On a different note, I have removed the list of people I follow from the sidebar.  I don't want to get in to any drama or whatever, and if it hurts me in the long-run, so be it.  Just because the list isn't there (going to be remodeling) doesn't mean I won't check out other blogs.  We are spending a lot of time on Open To Interpretation 2, so hopefully people will understand.


  1. That one looks like the head of a stag beetle to me.

  2. That's definitely a bull nomming a butterfly.

  3. Orchestra leader managing competing violinists.

  4. Butterfly lifting a wine glass, view from the top.

    I'm quite comfortable with my 3.1 :D

    I'm appalled I got a FIVE :O How dare they!

    And the only reason I keep my subscribers thing is in case they don't know how to use the other follow option. I highly dislike the thing, takes up too much space.

  5. Two penises making a mess under a corset. Extra lolz.

  6. Definitely a bull-headed demon.

  7. I see a levitating bongo drumb.

  8. Headless dual sword wielding samurai.


What do you see?