Tuesday, March 20

Interpretations From /x/

I know usually /i/ is the place to be for interpretations, but on occasion, there are some artistic types floating about on /x/ (paranormal board) that will do requests.  I figured I'd save up a few before I post them.  I have tried to include the name they posted under if there was one.

Original Inkblot

By Anonymous

I am almost positive that the name the person posted
under was "083" and that the number is not just
some file name.  Almost positive.

By Pixelman

By lolcraft

Original Inkblot (Remember this?)
Pretty wild.  And signed.  (I wish more
people would do that!)
Another by Pixelman
By Cannibal

Also by Cannibal, I forget why there are
two, or which one came first.

Surprised?  I mean it is a paranormal discussion board.  If you are on there, then you most likely have some spooky thoughts bouncing around in your cranium, so it stands to reason that most of the interpretations are demon-esq or slightly alien/Slenderman-ish.

I always enjoy any interpretation, so if you drew these in your threads or whenever an inkblot popped up in your discussion, and I forgot to thank you for your time, I'm sorry, and thanks.  One thing before I go:  Who drew this, and what was it an interpretation to?


  1. These are nice. The signed one, I believe if I drew something that awesome I would sign it too. I mean look at the talent into that thing, wow. Great one there.

  2. I agree with D4 the signed one is especially epic.....

  3. That signed one was my favourite as well...

  4. The original looks extremely bad to me, i must have a demented mind....

  5. Yeah, I believe I saw one of your threads on /x/ one time. Didn't participate though. Not much of a skilled drawer, and this mouse just won't do.

  6. I bet the last one is interpretation of http://img.sceper.eu/images/goxV.jpg

  7. Damn, some of the artists on here are pretty damn skilled.


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