Thursday, September 30

Episode 4 (Part 1 of 1)

There were a couple of things I wanted to address from the comments on yesterdays blot.  

1) I would love to comment on each one of your interpretations,

especially those of you that take the time to add some colorful adjectives.  Admittedly, most of my comments would basically be: "Wow, I never would of thought of that!" but I like to think that if we were at a bar we could get in to a good conversation.  I find inkblots to be rather fun; like those 'Would You Rather...' questions you sometimes do on car rides or at the pub to just get the conversational juices flowing.
Unfortunately, addressing even just one person could take several pleasant hours, and you can see where that would be rather time consuming.

2) Taking #1 in to consideration, I have decided that I will pick one comment/interpretation from the previous day's blot to try and quickly outline or illustrate it.  Just to see if that's what you are seeing.  Maybe help some other people get their mind in another gear.  I wish I could say that I am determined to do it every day, but I feel the same time constraints from #1 would be in effect here.  I wish it were otherwise.

Going to go with Frank's response:  I can vaguely make a man up looking like he is praying in the white spots...

Moving on...

3) Michael Casspir said...
When someone looks at an inkblot, it's INCREDIBLY subjective to say "If you said X, you must be a case of Y", but if you start describing an event in your childhood that could indicate a repressed sexuality syndrome, then we're getting somewhere.

My poll could of been worded more correctly; the second option has some rather biased words...nothing to indicate that using ANY medium to solicit someone to talk about their problems would be a boon to psychology.
(I also noticed that Cass failed to mention what he saw?)

4) The Angry Vegetarian - You just have to accept that in several weeks, your vague request will be fulfilled, or at least it was fulfilled several weeks ago?  I don't know why I engage in such a convoluted time line for my blog.  Anyway, I trust the record-keeping of the internet to prove to you (in several weeks) that what you suggested will be worth laughing at when we look back on in.  Later on.  In the future.
Don't take that the wrong way.


Well, after all that, I'm going to attempt to catch you all up on what's been going on in my little inkblot game world.  This 'episode' is just some transition period between game styles.  I haven't exactly been detailed in my explanations of what is going on in these videos.

It's pretty long, and I don't expect most of you to watch it even half way.  :)  Sorry I can't find an untainted blot to put here for you to comment on, but you will see it in the first few moments of the video.

Even though there is a content warning for this blog, I feel compelled
to restate it here.  There is 'bathroom' humor and foul language.

Music: "cloudwalk" by Transient can be found at .Under use from Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 

Well, if you have gotten this far, and didn't just skim through the page (we are all guilty!) I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions or comments on the 'progress' of things.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply to us. I did take that the wrong way :(

    Just kidding!

    I had completely overlooked the last few videos in your older posts, my mistake. With that said, and having gone back and watched them now, I'm truly enjoying this blog even more. And I was vague in my request. I was extremely tired when I posted that and about to go to sleep, but for some reason was drawn to come back here and look at things again. As for my request, I simply wanted to see an actual video of you making an inkblot. As easy as it may be for you and probably as quick as it must take. Maybe just a few seconds of you actually making one, the end result, lather, rinse, repeat, and mash that up into one longer video to showcase more of your inkblots.

    If this doesn't make sense I apologize. You are now getting me at the opposite end from my last post. I have just woken up and am feeling worse than I did last night. I need to set a timer for midday for me to come back and post more coherently.

    Oh, and I like the interpretation of Darth Vader with Down Syndrome.

  2. I love that I got an honorary mention, also cool that after my description you exactly made out the figure I did myself and now more people can see it... I am getting more and more intrigued by these inkblots (I got to know of them by the movie Watchmen) and really do think there is reason behind why a certain person makes up a certain figure in the inkblots.

    Sorry I didn't watch the video yet since I don't want to start at episode 4 (didn't see you had ones posted before) so I'll watch all of them in a series this weekend!

  3. I think the site is a wonderful idea and i think you've implemented it masterfully. also the inkblot in the video looks like a beetle to me.

  4. Thanks for the insightful comments on my last blog post!

  5. Great addition to your blog! I look forward you more of your interpretations.

    As for the vid. Awesome! I never saw Jabba the Hut, but now thats all I see. haha.

  6. Thanks for addressing some of the points I made. :)

    And I apologize, as I believe the three or four times I've commented here, I've neglected to give you my interpretation EACH TIME!

    For the red and black blot posted yesterday, I couldn't help but be influenced by your interpretation (and saw a hooded Ranger), but after looking at it for a moment or two, and getting past that recency effect, I actually saw a rolling forest fire - black trees, somewhat engulfed in flames. The colour choice, of course, would probably lead a lot of people to the same conclusion, though.

    You've probably got the most interesting blog in my reading list, though, Rorschach. I'll be coming back for more. :)

  7. I don't have anything insightful to contribute right now, unfortunately, but I do have to say that I absolutely love the originality and thought-provoking value of your blog. Keep it up!

    Also, very interesting video.

  8. I think we would have a rather nice conversation if we were to meet at a bar someday. I expect you would be carrying a black briefcase, dressed in a trenchcoat, and wearing black shoes and a black hat. Inside that briefcase, you would be carrying some more inkblot pictures.

  9. Interesting subject you got going on here!

  10. Another superb post as usual = D. I am of the rabbit camp = P

  11. looks great!
    i like it .

  12. Haha some of these interpretations...I think my favorite is the Jabba the Hut one. I'm really not sure what to think of it after seeing all the other interpretations...Kind of subconscious images being forced in.

  13. I am really enjoying your blog. I make it a point to check it everyday. Some of the comments are great and your insights are very much appreciated.

  14. This is some very intriguing stuff.

    How much insight can you really gain about a person from their views of an inkblot, though?

    It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

  15. Ahh... rosch. My old friend, still one of my favorite stops on my blogruns. I read every post, brother, to the last word. I love your blog, and I love the new direction! Here's what I see in the first few seconds of the movie.

    A close up of a morbidly obese women's face, wearing noble jewelery and makeup with a wig. She's laughing at something, but I get the feeling if the picture were clear, it would be a vile one, and her laughter would elicit a feeling of revulsion.

    More or less exactly what I first saw nothing spectacular this time but enlightening nonetheless!

    Keep it up mate, and thank you so much for the well thought out comments on my blog. You know how it is when you put alot of work into the post, the appreciation of my comrades and friends mean more to me than I can describe.


  16. I like the way you designed your blog :)

  17. Awesome blog concept. Its always fun prying into peoples brains, isn't it? I mean with concepts like twitter, formspring, those surveys that used to be all over myspace and live journal. This is the most creative and awesome approach i've seen.

  18. I'm an avid reader of yours so I'd appreciate it if you headed over to my blog and voted in my poll and stuff =)

  19. Ink blots are always fun. I think you're doing fine.

  20. I see two of that yellow pokemon in that video... but thats not even an ink blot. LOL.

    Good stuff though. Really like your posts.

  21. i totally see java de pizza hut :))


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