Wednesday, April 13

Add Caption

Add caption

This was done by Anonymous and used for Episode Eight.  I always wanted to add a caption to it.  Just because of those eyes, and the fact that the animals look like they are popping their heads out of the bush right behind the people to whisper to each other.

I just haven't been able to think of anything funny.  Any help?


  1. Bear say, Hello Moose, vere is squirrel?

  2. "Bob, we should steal their picnic basket."

    "What the hell Steve! you can talk!! "

  3. That actually looks similar to the ink blots 8D

    Dog-thing: 'Hey, Moose, is that dude there taking a leak?"'
    Moose: Yes. And oddly, his friend is watching him.'
    Dog-thing: 'I wonder if he knows he's being wattched by his friend?'
    Moose: 'I do think so. He got some help from his friend with unzipping his pants, so yeah..."

  4. Oh, you meant a caption for the picture. I thought you meant like a life caption, like a motto for our lives or something. Whatevs.

  5. "I hate when they go walking without leashes!"
    "Me too! And their owners better pick up after them!"

  6. What a bunch of silly bastards you all are!

  7. "Dude, why is there a caption? We're just a figment of someone's disturbing imagination based on a meaningless inkblot."


    ...... i have too much time on my hands

  9. boy that's a tough one. I'm afraid anything I come up with would sound too corny

  10. "Did you see any Animal Planet cameras?"
    "Let's get 'em!!"


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