Monday, May 9

The Irony

EDIT: I want to thank some of the new donors, I really do, but I think I shall do that tomorrow so that there is no penis involved.

I tried to forcibly make a blot that looked like a penis.  That is quite possibly the first sentence I have ever typed that had 'forcibly' and 'penis' in it at the same time.  Anyway, this is what the result was:


I thought that other than a penis, it could also be: a vase, a bong, or an open bear trap behind an unsuspecting horse.  I sought out the random video chatters to test it out.

The irony, I must tell you, is that Omegle is just full of dudes masturbating.  I had to wade through a sea of genitals to find someone that was simply bored and not horny, and when I do, it turns out to be an innocent-looking female who ends up seeing a purposely-penisatized inkblot.
On the other side of the coin, her brain made that correlation, not mine.  Hopefully I will find more people for "Penis, Bong, Vase or Other," and hopefully I will find people THAT HAVE A MIC OR A HEADSET.


We are in the process of Redeeming D4, and I asked General Failure and Jack to rate him on The Scale.  Since the images we are talking about are from yesterday, I don't want to repost them all.  Well, maybe just this one, since we need D4 to perhaps answer a question:

D4 by fillupthe3rd

I just can't tell if Jack was putting us on or not with his calculations.  Anyway, if you have not done so, go back a post and rate ol' D4's sanity on a scale of 1 to 5.


  1. Laughed too hard. First things first, I saw ovaries, not a penis, not a bong. And that was before I saw the word penis and bong, right there on the dashboard. Secondly, yes one or the other pronounced it right, veheegante. Thirdly, no it's not colored pencils, it's those badge things because it's like a military sergeant demon thing with a cape. I did get a little lazy when I got to that.

    And I like seeing how I'm being calculated. That was funny.

  2. I see weird creature things... I like it.

  3. I see Mickey Mouse staring up at the sky, wearing boxing gloves and standing in a little paddling pool.

  4. I see robotic insect legs.

    Also that video is hilarious. Would love to see more.

  5. I definitely failed. I saw a toilet with the lid up. I guess it's another sign I seriously need to get laid.

  6. looks like a statue my folks have from africa

  7. The video made me laugh. I can't see anything other than a penis in it...

  8. i actually thought that it looks like the female counterpart... ;)

  9. congratulations, you've created a penis! :D

    i guess it's kind of, like, from a worms eye view looking up at it

    oh god HNNNNNGGGGG

  10. I now see a vase shaped like a penis.

  11. hahhaha the video is awesome. it looks more like a bong actually.


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