Thursday, October 20

Caption Contest

via Ben's imagination

via Dustee's imagination

via 4.4's imagination

A simple contest for a neat prize.  Just pick one of the images above and caption it.  That is all you have to do and you will be entered in the raffle to win both these cool dolls from Sweet Tart Art, created by one of of our own (Dustee, who admits she hasn't blogged much recently.  But that is because she is making cool stuff!)
Make sure you include an email if there isn't one in your profile!

The happy couple.


  1. (the 2nd one, obviously) Don't mess with monsters, especially strange violent ones with guns and no penis.

  2. Oh, and my email is

  3. why is there always a penis? lol.

  4. Dustee's strange monster makes me want to caption it with "OH YEAHHHHHHHH".

    But that would be taking the easy way out, since these are obviously supposed to be difficult.

    I'll give 4.4's a somewhat thought caption and be all "And that's all you need to know about the birds and the bees, son."

    Also, you should only do the raffle thing once a certain amount of people have entered. I mean if only 3 people enter or something, those odds would be.. well awesome for me I guess. I really don't know why I'm mentioning this. Pfsh.

  5. the 4.4 one... "Cocks, cocks everywhere".

  6. 1st one

    A world without doughnuts

  7. I'm afraid that the 4.4 is full of ducks and cocks sir

  8. I suck at captions.

    But I really like the Homer one.

    "Mmmm, beer." :D

  9. For 4.4 picture, Duck's the great Penis Hunter's.

  10. I'm not clever enough to write captions. I guess I won't win a prize...

  11. Trust me kids. Angel dust and Kool aid don't mix well.


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