Friday, October 21

Caption Contest (More Images)

See yesterday's post if you don't know what contest I am referring to.

I thought I would give you more images to choose from for your captions.  If you did one yesterday you are still good to go, but feel free to share any captions you come up with for any of these.  I never said this would be easy!


  1. Greebo and Ackbar breasts......wrong......wrong.......etc

  2. i actually really like the last one, purely on its aesthetic value. i suppose the caption could be..."and my shrink thinks I'M the one who's CRAZY!!!"

  3. First one... "are you ready to be eggsecuted?" lame, I know...

  4. Oh my. Second one.

    Fart wings and copper cocks may not be normal, but on inkblots it is.

    Geddit. It's like the meth ones but for inkblots and that makes me original! :D

  5. 3rd one

    This is what's dad been keeping secret from mom.


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