Sunday, October 23


Bonjour Tristesse has won a prize.  I could have sworn I had some sort of email banter with him, but I can't find it, therefore I hope he reads this.  I couldn't think of any way to tell him on his blog that didn't sound like spam or  some pervy request to contact me.  Let's see if he is brave enough to hand over his address (not publicly of course).  I'd like to think I have a little street cred in the privacy department; a handful of people have received prizes without their address being directly linked to me in any criminal proceedings.

Only The Finest Judging
(Yes, I took the time to write "censored" in there.)

For some reason I ended up making a caption of the paraphrasing, not the actual phrase that was written.  THAT'S the type of entertainment you get here.  (I thought it looked like an album cover.)

Now, to play with these dolls one last time.


  1. The last time I gave Phil my address, he visited me personally and forced me to have anal sex with his dog puppet.

    It was quite satisfying.

  2. The last time I gave Phil my address, he visited me personally and forced me to listen to dub-step while he ate my dog and made a giant phallus out of my house. The rest is too horrible to remember!

    It was quite disturbing.

  3. TThat is actually very likely to be recommended as album cover for the band one of my friends is in.

  4. Good for him but I thought he was a she....dammit.

  5. nothing sounds more hardcore than Angel Dust Kool Aid. lol.

  6. Yay! Email sent. Lets hope you guys are just pulling my chain. I don't have a dog to offer for dinner

  7. Congrats. Bonjour Tristesse :) I like the Caption.


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