Monday, August 13

It Ain't Easy Being Green

"Not sure how to feel about this."
Interpretation by Anonymous

I know what you are thinking.  "Is Phil intentionally trying to irritate people by not cropping his scans properly?"

To those that I think are thinking that, I think back to you: Ha!  Look where you are thinking.  You completely missed the fact that someone drew two people with different animals as breasts.

Actually, now that I preview it, you can't really make out the tapered sliver of a pin on the bottom.  I can't focus, is that a rhinoceros?  This is cosmic.

I feel I have been overstaying my welcome at /i/ so I am just going to let that fade away for now.  I haven't actively pursued anyone recently to draw, but if you know someone, or you yourself ever get bored, there are plenty of inkblots in The Collection for you to go to town on and mail to me at

I always wanted a "celebrity interpretation," but how would you even start that fan letter?

By Anonymous.
Looks biblical.

I just want to warn you about the next one.  Well, I guess that is kind of silly.  Even if I did have something massively insightful to say about it, you would have already seen it by now, because it is in your face.  Right down there.  With the two penises passing gas romantically.

This is called "Fart-heart" by Tiptoeing dicks, which I believe
is not the author's real name.

So what do you think?  Does green bring out the crazies?  Should I make a lame Irish joke?  Holy Horrifying Christ On A Kangaroo, what is up with Fart-heart?


  1. dickbutts pooping out a heart shaped thing... only on the internet. lol.

  2. Celebrity posts aren't too hard to come by actually, especially with interpretations like these coming up before them. When and if you start dedicating more to this blogs, just send them emails.

    My music blog would be worth poop right now if I didn't occasionally contact the artist to clear something up or ask for a little help.

    Also, dick farts. Lololol

    1. I think you just swayed me.

      I will not dedicate more here. Despite the fact that with a blog(spot) I can be infinity more creative in the presentation, I cannot help but pick Facebook out of the two.

      Blogs are for people that can focus and plan. I think it is safe to say I have displayed a tendency to opt for the Fire & Forget method of sharing things. I was never a good responded as far as it went with blogs. Really I just need a platform to share images, and the occasional rant.

      Nice going D4. You just killed my blog. :D

  3. From the entity known as Frosty... Glad you found your niche. Blogging's not for me either, as you could tell. Unfortunatley, neither is Facebook. Good luck.
    Also, bleading dickbutts.


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