Wednesday, May 30

Multiple Personality Order

Not a typo!  Complete Order going on here.  The dog and fox were an evolution of this page and my attempt to peer in to the imagination of others.  I never should have sent them away.  No reason they can't co-exist with the test material.  It's like...part of their natural habitat.  And look!  A video that has nothing to do with them!

Jump to 2:08 for the inkblot montage:

I intend to make a more comprehensive video without me flipping coins in the begging.  (Which is an ongoing challenge, I might add.)

I know a large portion of the followers of this blog will see this pop up in their feed and not know what the hell I am talking about.  Sorry.  I'll clarify as soon as I figure out what I want this page to look like.


  1. Take your time figuring everything out and whatnot. Make sure the finished product(?) is as close to how it feels right as possible!

  2. That's an impressive collection of weird and some genuinely brilliant inkblots but a lot of weird, the puppets made a return I see!

  3. Every time there is a picture drawn over the ink blots you gotta expect the penis' and/or boobs. lol.

  4. Ehehe. Freaks. I was in that compilation!

    Also, I'm not readyy to camera myself to the world yet, otherwise I'd.. no, I doubt I can do the elbow coin thing. But post something up on the blog's facebook page Thursday and if I'm back from work I'll head there.

  5. Contest hardcore mode: get good with a lot of coins, go stand on the edge of a cliff (pond/lake/river/large shit gathering), turn on the camera and one-take it. Success will be that much more epic, failure that much more devastating. Use coins of two Euro for bigger stakes.

    Watched bunch of videos on livestream page and they're damn fun. Do you happen to listen to this podcast?
    It has the same kind of vibe as your videos, plus the host there seems to have similar humour, plus they have characters on, PLUS they play Would You Rather? I dunno, all in all, it seems strangely alike and i need to know if i'm crazy.

    I'd watch your stuff live but i have no idea where or when this all is happening.

  6. watched it all, pretty interesting


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