Wednesday, May 4


This one turned out rather well.

Today, PRIZES.  But first, some quick unfinished business.  Despite some last minute high scores, my troll wife's crazy score averaged out to 2.8:

Hahaha!  They'll never discover the bodies.

So now I can add her and LoneIslander to the ever-growing chart of people that you should avoid in dark alleys:

Now that we have that updated, let's talk about the prizes for the Open To Interpretation game.  There are two categories:
  • Prizes for people that made a donation
  • Prizes for everyone else
So instead of taking pictures and typing things out, I will force you to watch a video (there is a cat in it at some point):

If you have been keeping up, then you know the method of selecting the winner will not be determined until later (Friday the 13th), so get to it!  Donation widget is on the right (possibly blocked by your fancy browser extensions or add-ons) and my email for easy reference and entry is

Keep in mind that this info, along with all contest/charity info and scores will be kept on the page that is stunningly named Charity/Contest.  Good luck!


  1. I really want that coffee table book.

  2. it's awesome you're doing this!

  3. never in my life have i wanted to win military grade trip wire as much as i want to right now

    i say you choose two people and have a fight to the death between them and the survivor gets the prize

  4. i just checked the Open To Interpretation
    and it's amazing how imaginative people can get! :o

  5. Those are some kick ass prizes. Did you include the cat just for me? I think you did. I think I already won.

  6. I would totally eat that lead figure! I would be Iron Man and take over the world!

  7. Oh man, those prizes! I'm jealous these are out there!

    Ahem. But guys, the coffee table book is like, awesome. People just sit down and gaze at that thing, it's fun to watch!

  8. what a good way to keep people interested!


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